I'm a travel and language enthusiast, and for the past 16 years I've been helping people discover the joys of the French language!  
Moving countries several times during childhood showed me the value of language learning early on.
Being able to speak English, Italian and French fluently has allowed me to feel a sense of belonging in 4 different countries, to gain an insight into different cultural perspectives, and to experience the beauty of travel unhindered by language barriers.  

Having very recently moved to a country where I don’t speak the local language (I now live in the windy Netherlands!), I also have a newfound appreciation of the challenges of expat life when connecting via the language is not yet an option.  

I absolutely love helping people gain the language skills they need to fulfil their unique goals - whether that’s to finally apply for a dream job in Paris or Montreal, to effortlessly chat to neighbours over café et croissants, or explore the francophone world in an authentic, connected way.  This is why I work with expats and eager 'francophiles' who want to reach fluency in French.  

And this is why Bucket List French was born!